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Hi, I'm Andrew Pilloud. I am a Washington native, and I've lived in Seattle since 2011. I am actively involved in grassroots politics, fighting for individual liberty, citizen's rights, and fiscal responsibility in all levels of government. I am employed at a local tech startup, Igneous Systems. In 2013, I ran for Seattle port commissioner. In 2016, I'm running for state house.

I'm running for State Representative in the 34th!

Earlier today I filed as a Republican candidate for State Representative running against Joe Fitzgibbon in the 34th District.

People are being shot in the streets of Burien. West Seattle might as well be an island due to the crippling traffic. Our public education system is unconstitutionally underfunded. Yet all our representatives seem to be able to do is debate who should be allowed in the women's bathroom. We need new priorities in Olympia.


Port of Seattle: Answering my call to Privatize SeaTac Security

When I ran for Port Commissioner in 2013, one of the major issues that brought me into the race was the TSA's mismanagement of airport security. I called for the Port of Seattle to take back operation of local airport security from the federal Transportation Security Administration. At the time it seemed like a crazy idea but today it was announced that the Port of Seattle is training 90 private security screeners.


The Illusion of Choice

Does your vote really matter anymore or has our election system degraded to the illusion of choice? In my opinion, State and Federal elections have been an illusion for years, but this election is one of the first times its been really noticeable to the public. The problem is twofold. First, the public believes only a major party candidate can win so most vote for who they perceive to be the lesser of the two evils. Second, the major parties are private so the public has no right to participate in their nominating process.


Control Your Gun: Or become a felon on December 4th.

Initiative 594 is here! Regardless of your opinion on the Initiative, it becomes law December 4th. Don't fool yourself: the state legislature can't repeal it and the courts are unlikely to block its implementation. This law is effectively guaranteed to be here for at least the next two years regardless of what you think about it. So for you gun owners out there: It will soon be a crime to let someone so much as touch your gun without a background check.


Port of Seattle: Hearing on Port Commission's misuse of public resources

Enforcement Hearing Notice

Remember back to October 2013, when I alleged that millions of public dollars were being funneled into incumbents' campaigns for port commissioner? Since then, all four candidates involved won by a landslide.

On September 25, 2014, the Public Disclosure Commission will be holding a hearing to look into the alleged violations by Tom Albro, John Creighton, Courtney Gregoire, and Stephanie Bowman.


Get Money Out of Politics... By Spending Big Money?

I came across this at Northwest Folklife today and had to share it. If you haven't heard of i1329, it is an initiative that aims to give government full control over political spending. While that may sound like a great idea, it doesn't take a genius to see how this quickly becomes the incumbent protection racket. It's already a problem in Washington, the laws are so complex that you practically can't run for office without spending weeks researching rules and regulations that affect candidates.


Precinct Committee Officer Phone Bank

Image of computer, telephone, and phone bank script

I took part in my first PCO Revolution phone bank event yesterday, and wow, these guys are great. (Full disclosure: I run a little tech consulting operation that provides database and mailing support services for many Republican liberty style campaigns, including PCO Revolution.) They are all passionate volunteers working to restore the power to the grassroots by informing regular citizen voters of their duty to run for Precinct Committee Officer.


Port of Seattle: Formal Investigation opened on misuse of funds

Letter from Public Disclosure Commission opening Case 14-006

Just days before the general election, I accused 4 incumbent port commissioners of misusing public funds. Since then, it has been all quiet from the Public Disclosure Commission, and with the exception of the Seattle Times, the press as well. Now, just days after the election being certified with blowouts for all the incumbents involved, the Washington Public Disclosure Commission has opened a formal investigation.


Seattle Police Cameras - The Stranger joins the fight!

It seems a somewhat credible news source finally agrees with me on the Seattle Police Department Port Security Grant Network. The Stranger front page story this week is investigating the wireless mesh network! I had no connection with The Stranger story, but I am an obscure blogger investigating the wireless mesh.



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