End of my port commissioner campaign, Endorsing Pete Lewis

The primary has come and gone now. Thanks to all your dedication and support I received just over 42,000 votes, more than any other liberty candidate on the ballot in this election. Unfortunately, the results were not as good as expected. I came in just 3% short of second place, the cutoff to appear on the general election ballot. Hopefully with your future support, we will move Liberty on to the general election and to victory.

Now that the general election is upon us, I’d like to urge you to vote for the one candidate I think can still bring much needed change to the Port of Seattle. I have met Mayor Pete Lewis several times over my campaign and I feel he is the only remaining candidate who isn’t running provide kickbacks to his employer or to advance his career. Pete knows what we need to change at the port to bring jobs to the Puget Sound region, and he has the political experience to know how to do it. Please join me in voting for Mayor Lewis. Let’s bring his experience of running a cost effective, responsive city to the Port of Seattle.

Finally, over the course of my campaign, I’ve encountered several questionable practices at the port over the last few months. The biggest being what appears to be about half a million dollars in illegal in-kind campaign contributions given by the incumbent port commissioners to their campaigns. I am finalizing my research and will be publishing a detailed report on my personal website in less than two weeks.