Port of Seattle: Answering my call to Privatize SeaTac Security

When I ran for Port Commissioner in 2013, one of the major issues that brought me into the race was the TSA’s mismanagement of airport security. At the time, I called for the Port of Seattle to take back operation of local airport security from the federal Transportation Security Administration. At the time it seemed like a crazy idea but today it was announced that the Port of Seattle is training 90 private security screeners. We could have had this years go and been an example for the rest of the country, but sometimes the status quo is just to strong.

Here are some quotes from my 2013 campaign literature:

Not only are long security lines annoying for travelers, they create a dangerous choke point that can be exploited by terrorists. We need real security reform, moving the management of our security back to the local level so we can keep you safe and moving while also respecting your right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable searches.

After the tragic terrorist attacks in 2001, there has been a significant focus on security. From invasive security checkpoints to surveillance camera networks, billions have been spent on high-visibility security measures. These measures may look impressive, but they do little to keep us safe. Andrew will work to eliminate harmful security theater, including excessive TSA screenings, and redeploy resources where they will be effective.