Is now the time to get back into politics?

Summary: I’m considering a run for State Legislature! Make a donation to help me decide.

Wow, the last five years went by fast. How about a summary. I got married in September 2017, we had a great honeymoon in South America. When we got back I found a new job with a significant pay increase. The startup has since gone out of business. Cancel culture became a real concern for me, I know political discrimination is illegal in Seattle but it still happens. Donald Trump being the face of the Republican party didn’t help. My new job, now the longest I’ve had, isn’t exactly friendly to Republicans so I decided to take a few years off from being a public figure. (All opinions here are my own and are not necessarily shared by my employer.)

I got a pilot’s license, had a baby, and spent time with my family. But I’ve also been involved in quite a few campaigns behind the scenes. The Burien city council races were fun.

Of course there were more lawsuits too. I think it runs in the family. I settled a lawsuit alleging abdication of statutory duty with Labor and Industries. I’ve definitely learned a lot about big company politics and bureaucracy over the last few years! There really is a whole series here, I’ll definitely be posting about some of it in the coming months. (I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice.)

Then there is Covid. Like everyone else I spent April 2020 in quarantine. By December 2020 N95 masks were readily available and vaccines were being rolled out so I moved on with my life. I started wearing N95 masks, got the vaccine when it was my turn, and still got covid in February of 2022. Things are slowly returning to normal but it seems lasting damage has been done to our civil liberties. (I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, consider getting vaccinated in consultation with your doctor.)

The world seems to have broken down around party lines shortly after the first covid wave. We had race riots on the streets of Seattle during a pandemic. Some of Donald Trump’s tweets were toxic but the whole January 6 incident was a rookie mistake made by someone who’s never lost an election.

Somehow in 2021 a Republican won citywide in Seattle. The vaccine mandate kicked off a healthy support group for politicly like minded people at work. Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot. Between crime, tax increases, and gun bans there is plenty to energize the base. Even Democrat voters seem fatigued with far left activists running the state. Jolie Lansdowe is running as for the open house seat, possibly as a Republican. I’m ready to run for position 2 again.

Is now the time for a Republican slate to give it another shot in the 34th Legislative District? Next week is the filing deadline, make a donation to help me get on the ballot.