Off to the Supreme Court

Can the government require major political parties to have elected leadership or does such a regulatory scheme violate the First Amendment? Can they impose the option to elect leadership in exchange for higher contribution limits? These questions are among the issues I will be arguing before the Washington State Supreme Court later this month. We… Continue reading Off to the Supreme Court

The Illusion of Choice

Does your vote really matter anymore or has our election system degraded to the illusion of choice? In my opinion, State and Federal elections have been an illusion for years, but this election is one of the first times its been really noticeable to the public. The problem is twofold. First, the public believes only… Continue reading The Illusion of Choice

Precinct Committee Officer Phone Bank

I took part in my first PCO Revolution phone bank event yesterday, and wow, these guys are great. (Full disclosure: I run a little tech consulting operation that provides database and mailing support services for many Republican liberty style campaigns, including PCO Revolution.) They are all passionate volunteers working to restore the power to the grassroots by informing regular… Continue reading Precinct Committee Officer Phone Bank