Port of Seattle: Hearing on Port Commission's misuse of public resources

Enforcement Hearing Notice

Remember back to October 2013, when I alleged that millions of public dollars were being funneled into incumbents' campaigns for port commissioner? Since then, all four candidates involved won by a landslide.

On September 25, 2014, the Public Disclosure Commission will be holding a hearing to look into the alleged violations by Tom Albro, John Creighton, Courtney Gregoire, and Stephanie Bowman.


Port of Seattle: Formal Investigation opened on misuse of funds

Letter from Public Disclosure Commission opening Case 14-006

Just days before the general election, I accused 4 incumbent port commissioners of misusing public funds. Since then, it has been all quiet from the Public Disclosure Commission, and with the exception of the Seattle Times, the press as well. Now, just days after the election being certified with blowouts for all the incumbents involved, the Washington Public Disclosure Commission has opened a formal investigation.


Seattle Police Cameras - The Stranger joins the fight!

It seems a somewhat credible news source finally agrees with me on the Seattle Police Department Port Security Grant Network. The Stranger front page story this week is investigating the wireless mesh network! I had no connection with The Stranger story, but I am an obscure blogger investigating the wireless mesh.


Port of Seattle: Millions of public dollars funneled into incumbents' campaigns

If there is one thing our Port Commissioners are good at, it is on doing things that benefit themselves. If you'll remember back to March, the port commissioners gave themselves a massive pay raise. Well it doesn't stop there! Now they have given themselves $2.5 million dollars worth of advertising at the Sea-Tac airport! For comparison, in the most expensive commission campaign ever, Bill Bryant spent $365,680.86 to get himself re-elected.


Seattle Police Cameras - Ready or not here they come!

We know all we need about the Port Security Grant now. At tonight's public meeting, the third and final public meeting on the Port Security Grant, I asked why the system is run by the City of Seattle Police and not the Port of Seattle Police. The answer from Assistant Chief McDonagh: to get to the port, you need to walk down the sidewalk in Seattle. This response is exactly what everyone seems to be afraid of.


Seattle Police Cameras - The city does have the missing records!

Finally, an update! First off, I do have confirmation that the police installed the Canon VB-M40PTZ camera. Second, I think the reason for the coverup is becoming more clear. There appears to be quite a few inefficiencies in this project. The one that rises to the top is the $9795.19 RADIUS server.


Seattle Police Cameras - Stalling until the public forgets

Just over a week ago, I sent in a formal appeal regarding the Seattle Police Department's response to my early February request for the records and maps relating to the wireless mesh network. Like clockwork, I received a reply 5 business days later stating that the department was reviewing my request, and that I would receive a response on May 1st, 2013. I really hope this was an April fools joke.


Seattle Police Cameras - The Public Records Blame Game

When you have a city as large as Seattle, distributed records are inevitable. But that doesn't mean that public records requests need to turn into a game of finger pointing. The police department first tells me that the Purchasing department has the records I am looking for. The Purchasing department tells me the Police and IT department has the records. Seattle City Light and Department of Transportation are both several days late in responding. When does it end?


Seattle Police Cameras - Belltown Public Meeting

I just got home from the police department's meeting at Belltown Community Center, and I have to say, it was an interesting night. The meeting attendance was extremely light, I don't believe anyone was actually there to learn about the issue. The room was about half city employees, one third against the police, and the rest citizens concerned about the cameras. I was expecting the meeting to be controlled by the police department, but instead it was taken over by the anti-police crowd. Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh did a splendid job allowing the group to make fools of themselves.


Seattle Police Cameras - Upcoming Public Meeting and More Records Requests

Downtown Seattle SPD Mesh Network Map

The Seattle Police Department will be hosting a meeting at the Belltown Community Center, Tuesday, March 19th at 7 PM. I've prepared a flyer with material from the public records returned so far. I'll be bringing a stack with me to distribute. This flyer presents all the relevant information in a concise form, and debunks many of the department talking points.



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